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free tai chi free tai chi for veterans tai chi for veterans

I just learned of an awesome program that offers FREE Tai Chi classes to U.S. Veterans. Tai Chi for Veterans is a federally funded program that pays Tai Chi instructors to teach Tai Chi to Veterans. Tai Chi for Veterans is a program that gives back to the veterans who have given so much for our democracy. A positive healthy program like this is long overdue. Are you a veteran or do you know a veteran who would benefit from this program? If so, please pass this information along. Click Tai Chi for veterans program to find Tai Chi classes near you.  Approximately 30,000 Veterans will now...

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tai chi for seniors tai chi for seniors videos

Do you consider yourself a senior? Are you are looking to start a low impact exercise program? Tai Chi also known as moving meditation is a mindful form of exercise perfect for seniors of all ages. The tagline for Tai Chi Daily is one of my favorite quotes from an old Bruce Lee interview "Flowing water never goes stale, so keep on flowing." I really believe this to be a fantastic statement vital for not only seniors but people of all ages. I also feel that it is just as important to keep moving as it is to eat healthily...

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online tai chi course tai chi online

Do you find yourself having a desire to learn Tai Chi but you do not have access to a local Tai Chi school? Many people write and tell me that Tai Chi is not offered in their area. The best way to learn Tai Chi is in person and from a competent teacher. Click here to find a Tai Chi teacher near you. If you do not have access to a local Tai Chi teacher please feel free to look at the Tai Chi websites below. These Tai Chi schools and instructors offer online Tai Chi courses that may fit...

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tai chi chinatown tai chi columbus park tai chi in manhattan tai chi in the park

This morning I woke up early and drove about an hour and a half from Long Island to Columbus park Chinatown in Manhattan. My intention was to take photos of people who gather each morning to practice Tai Chi in the Park. I wanted to share these photos on my website. Traffic was clear today on the Long Island expressway so I arrived on time just before 7 AM. When I arrived there was plenty of metered parking on Mott St. I put money in the parking meter and parked my car. I took a short walk up Mosco St....

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bruce kumar frantzis energy arts tai chi bruce frantzis tai chi courses tai chi online training tai chi tips

I really enjoy the Tai Chi video tips that are produced by Bruce Kumar Frantzis of Energy Arts. If you are a Tai Chi beginner or an advanced Tai Chi student these tips can be a great asset to your online Tai Chi training. I was originally drawn to learn more about Bruce Frantzis because I read that he had studied Aikido and he is also a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan. Having studied both arts myself I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about Bruce and learn his perspective. After signing up for one of his facebook pages...

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