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Whenever I practice the Tai Chi form inside or outside I like to listen to music. It is true, music can really excite or relax you. I like to use meditation music while I practice Tai Chi it puts me in a very peaceful state which is perfect for moving meditation. Sometimes I keep the music volume loud enough so that I cannot hear external sounds, other times low enough that the music is only background noise.

One day I forgot my earbuds and played my music very low through my iPhone speaker. This time I paid attention to both the music and the surrounding sounds of nature.

Through the years I have purchased a lot of Meditation Music CDs for the purpose of accompanying my Tai Chi form.

So far the best meditation music for me has been these three CDs: RELAXING ORIENT Lifescapes THE WORLD TRAVELER, Lifescapes: Just Relax - The Orient and T'ai Chi.

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