tai chi novel the story of a chinese master in america

Taichi: The Story of a Chinese Master In America

I recently became aware of a novel by Marc Meyer called “Taichi: The Story of a Chinese Master in America.” It is novel about a young man coming of age in New York’s Chinatown under the guidance of his uncle, who happens to be a Tai Chi Master.

I began reading Marc’s novel “Taichi: The Story of a Chinese Master in America.” and I really enjoyed reading it. I usually read nonfiction Tai Chi material and this was a nice change for me. Through Marc's writing style and imagination, I was able to visualize the characters and scenery. This kept me engaged from beginning to the end of the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Tai Chi or Martial Arts in general.

To purchase a paperback or Kindle version Click here. Most if not all of my Tai Chi reading has been nonfiction so I was particularly interested in this novel because it is coming from the creativity of a fellow Tai Chi player Marc Meyer. Marc is not only a Tai Chi practitioner for many years but a successful jazz pianist and concertizer. Marc lives in Naples, Florida where he makes his living as an author, musician, and teacher of Tai Chi. Please feel free to post your own comment if you have already read or plan to read it.


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